Chrysler official to Donald Trump on Jeep controversy: ‘You are full of s—‘

by Keith Laing, The Hill Newspaper

A Chrysler official does not think very highly of real estate mogul Donald Trump’s opinion about a dispute over the company’s intentions for building cars in China.

Seizing on criticisms that have emanated from GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign, Trump tweeted Thursday that Chrysler is planning to move production of its Jeep brand overseas.

“Obama is a terrible negotiator,” Trump wrote. “He bails out Chrysler and now Chrysler wants to send all Jeep manufacturing to China–and will!”

Chrysler has vehemently denied the accusation that it is moving existing U.S. Jeep production to China, arguing that cars will be built overseas for foreign customers.

Chrysler vice president of product design Ralph Gills offered a much more curt assessment of Trump’s criticism, replying to the mogul’s tweet “you are full of s—.”

The fight over Jeep production has dominated the final week of campaigning by President Obama and Romney in Ohio. The Obama campaign released a pair of ads Thursday accusing Romney of lying to Ohio voters because polls show him trailing in the critical swing state.

Romney’s campaign has defended the truthfulness of its Jeep ads, and the GOP nominee’s camp has transitioned to a broader argument against the effectiveness of the $80 billion auto bailout.


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